Recommended Reference Works*




Dictionary of the Later New Testament and Its Developments,

edited by R.P Martin & P.H. Davids


Eerdmans Dictionary of Early Judaism,

edited by Susan Ashbrook Harvey & David G. Hunter


Ancient Texts for New Testament Studies: A Guide to Background Literature,

edited by C.A. Evans


Early Christianity in Contexts: An Exploration Across Cultures and Continents,

edited by William Tabbernee


Early Christian Greek and Latin Literature: A Literary History,Early Chrstian

edited by Claudio Moreschini & Enrico Norelli



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Oxford Onlilne Bibliographies. Click HERE. 

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Brill Encylcopedia of Early Christianity Online. Click HERE.

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List of early Christian writers

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Early Christian writers wrote gospels and other books, some of which were canonized as the New Testament canon developed. The Apostolic Fathers were prominent writers who are traditionally understood to have met and learned from Jesus' personal disciples. The Church Fathers are later writers with no direct connection to the disciples (other than the claim to apostolic succession). 


Apologists  defended Christianity against its critics, especially Greek and Roman philosophers. Dates given, if not otherwise specified, are of their writings or bishopric, not of their lives. 





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