Faithful Journey is a historical novel based on the Acts of the Apostles, one of the Bible's most recognized adventure stories.


Christian tradition says that Luke, a Greek physician from Syrian Antioch, wrote Acts sometime before Jerusalem was defeated in 70 AD. Acts is the second half of his two-part book, the first being the Gospel According to Luke.


The novel is a modern portrait of the lives and times of people who played roles in this New Testament odyssey. This portrayal is viewed through a series of fictional, first-person voices that mirror and embellish Luke's familiar and remarkable story.


"A good and true story well told" -- Dennis Johnson, New Testament scholar


"Biblical and historical accuracy" -- Carol Ruvolo, Christian author and speaker


"Injects life into Luke's account" -- David Williams, Bible commentator 


Faithful Journey is published by Redemption Press (ISBN: 978-1-63232-490-0)


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The Nicaea Trilogy is a sprawling saga told in three novellas under one cover. The book unfolds against a backdrop of persecution and war during the Roman Empire. And then comes hope with the crowning of the first Christian emperor, Constantine, and the adoption of a new symbol of faith, the Nicene Creed. 


A Greek doctor has penned a personal account of the life of Jesus Christ and his apostles in the first century. Scribes, working for a high Roman official--also a believer in Jesus--converts the doctor's papyrus scrolls into a single codex. The doctor then takes the book on a perilous mission to Christians in ancient Nicaea in the region of Bithynia of Asia Minor.


The valuable codex falls into the hands of Jews who had fled Jerusalem when Roman legions sacked the city. But the Christian book is lost and becomes the object of a relentless quest by people determined to possess it at all costs. 


What happens to the priceless codex is finally revealed centuries later in an epilogue that will surprise you.

"Entertaining and illuminating" -- Rodney Stark, author of The Triumpy of Christianity


"Knows how to spin a story" -- Kathryn Bennett, for Readers' Favoirite


"A solid, enjoyable read" -- Historical Novel Society



The Nicaea Trilogy is published by Redemption Press (ISBN 978-1-63232-885-4)


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