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Makes high-quality theological material available throughout the world, thus providing Bible teachers and pastors with the resources they need to spread the Gospel in their countries. There is no charge for using the material on this website. 


Early Christian Writings

Covers early church fathers and apologists of the first and second centuries. The first eight or nine documents are also known as the Apostolic Fathers. The writers represent the ancient orthodox church as opposed to other elements of ancient Christianity.


Christian Classics Ethereal Library

Includes writings of the Ante-Nicene fathers down to A.D.325, and the Nicene and Post-Nicene fathers, including St. Augustine and St. Chrysostom volumes. 


Early Church History

Offers articles, videos, and images to help understand how early Christians who lived were persecuted and sacrificed their lives as Christian martyrs during the time of Ancient Rome. 


Early Christian Texts

Explores historical and spiritual questions about Jesus, women, salvation, healing, gender, and wholeness raised by extra-canonical books, forgotten scriptures, and so-called "gnostic” gospels.


St. Nicholas Center

Provides a virtual center (website) where people can learn about St. Nicholas, who was born in the third century and later was among the many bishops who attended the first Council of Nicaea.


The Byzantine Legacy

Provides documented, quality information on art, architecture, and history from the Late Antique, Early Christian, and Byzantine eras. This link focuses on Nicaea's history and includes historical illustrations and photos.  



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